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The Principle of Diesel Generating Set
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The diesel engine drives the alternator to turn,the energy from diesel into electrical energy.

In the diesel engine cylinder, clean air after the air filter filtered and the diesel fuel from the nozzle injection of high-pressure atomized fully mixed in the piston up the extrusion, the volume shrinks, the temperature quickly increased to reach the diesel fuel point. Diesel is lit, mixed gas violent combustion, the volume of rapid expansion, to promote the piston down, known as 'work'. The cylinder in a certain order in turn, the role of the thrust on the piston through the connecting rod into the power to promote the crankshaft rotation, thus driving the crankshaft rotation.

Brushless synchronous generator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation can use the rotation of the diesel engine to drive the rotor using the "electromagnetic induction" principle the generator will output the induced electromotive force closed circuit load circuit can generate current.

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