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When the diesel generator load is too low, why exhaust pipe will dripping fuel
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As the engine has a number of pressure seals inside the engine, such as cylinder liner - piston - piston ring, turborn-charger -turborn-charger rotor shaft, this seal is generally about 1/3 of the engine load, will be the full play Role, when the load is small will appear a slight leakage phenomenon. So foreign engine manufacturers in its use of the manual generally inform the cusotmers.

If the unit is running under a small load, with the continuation of the running time, the following faults occur:

1. Piston - cylinder liner seal is not good, oil will be up and down, into the combustion chamber , exhaust the blue smoke.

2. For the Turborn-charged diesel engine, due to low load, no load, Turborn-charging pressure is low. Easily lead to supercharger oil seal (non-contact) of the sealing effect decreased, the oil fleeing into the pressurization chamber, with the intake into the cylinder.

3. Part of the oil into the cylinder involved in the combustion will be mixed with Fuel.Part of the oil can not be completely burned. Then it will form the Carborn in the valve, inlet, piston top, piston ring, etc., and some are discharged with the exhaust gas. In this way, the cylinder liner exhaust gas will gradually accumulate oil, will also form coke.

4. Turborn-charger pressurized indoor oil accumulation to a certain extent, it will leak from the junction of the Turborn charger.

5. Long-term low-load operation, will be more serious lead to increased wear parts of the moving parts, engine combustion environment deterioration caused by the consequences of overhaul ahead of time.

Therefore, foreign diesel engine manufacturers, regardless of the use of natural suction or booster models are stressed that should minimize the low load / no load running time, and provides the minimum load can not be less than the unit rated power of 25% -30%.

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